Handcrafted assorted dark/milk & white marble chocolate hamper


Handcrafted artisan assorted dark/milk & white/marble decorative chocolates.


Gift beautifully shaped dark/milk and white/marble chocolates and many more cute designs. Fresh handcrafted assorted chocolate hamper. No preservatives, made with perfectly pitched flavours and customized luxurious texture. Available in small/ medium/ large box hampers. Select your desired quantity and get increasing discounts respectively.


Quantity: 3/6/9/15 chocolates in a box

Packaging : small hamper in heart shaped box, medium and large in square and rectangular box as in images.

Shelf life”: 2 months (refrigerated), 2 weeks without refrigeration.

Get fresh artisan chocolates home delivered to your doorstep within 5 days.

Get quote for sugar free version @ 8928035459 available in all flavours

select hamper

small box of 3 chocolates, standard box of 6 chocolates, medium box of 9 chocolates, large box of 15 chocolates


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