Doodle art therapy kit

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Make your own personalized hand drawn doodle and turn it into an art piece !

The exciting thing about this special kit is the ability to be able to turn your doodles into a piece of art. As long as you relax and let your hand do the thinking, you’ll be on your way to having original, funny, or even gorgeous doodles.

The perfect gift for anyone looking for something to inspire their imagination. This kit contains everything you need to make your own doodle art with your own personalized text/name or quote. It’s very easy and fun and indeed a perfect gifting idea. There are instructions to help guide you.


You can draw doodle on drawing sheet easily without any special skills with this special doodle pen in the kit which will make whatever you draw on it, permanent and waterproof.

Kit includes- Doodle pen(color black)

Drawing paper sheet (set of two)

frame (6″ x 8″)

Instruction manual

Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 20.3 × 5 in

1 review for Doodle art therapy kit

  1. sabreen

    its very reliving experience to make doodle …..!nice art therapy!

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